Ben Rapin
…because everyone needs a website.


I've worked in the web development, design, and project management realm in one capacity or another for over 15 years. My professional career began as a web developer working with ASP/SQL Server but I was more drawn to the client/people side of web projects. I prefer to think that it is where my talents more naturally fit. I love managing smart people, working with them to take a project from a seed of an idea, to a simple prototype, and then to a full-featured deliverable.

BER Consulting Services

Outside the office, and as time allows, I selectively pick up freelance work. I enjoy using my experience to help others - as such, I've had the opportunity to consult in the areas of:

  • Wordpress site development & customization
  • Live event webcasting / streaming
  • Custom website, application, and database development
  • Web hosting
  • usability experience (UX) & accessibility Reviews

Please contact me for additional information.

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